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A Recruiter’s Guide to Social Media Monitoring


The field of recruiting is a diver’s profession; recruiters are needed in every aspect of the company, no matter which field, be it a System Admin, Sales and Marketing Executive etc. All of these job profiles require individuals of calibre and that too having varying skills – sets specific to the job profile. With everything going online, recruiters need to update their knowledge to match up to the changing times. A new trend that has been developing gradually is Social Media recruiting, which calls for the expertise of recruiters.  As a recruiter it is essential that you be up to date [...]

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How to Build Effective Talent Pools?


Are you tired of encountering inadequate and irrelevant candidates? Fed up of the goose chase? Wondering where to find those had to get applicants, well you just described the story of most recruiters. For a recruiter sourcing candidates is a cumbersome task even with the latest developments in popular Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The reason being ineffective talent pools created due to inadequate connections and incomplete information on sourcing via Social Media. Well if you’re reading this then you identify with these statements. It’s probably time to try a different approach or evaluate your sourcing methods. So [...]

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2 Tricks to Boost your Sourcing Process


The task of a recruiter has never been easy nor is a sourcer’s task either. Although, the advent of Social Media has definitely simplified both tasks, that doesn’t mean that sourcing candidates now requires the least amount of effort. Anyone experienced either as a Recruiter or Sourcer will agree to this statement. For those of you who think otherwise, it’s probable a good idea to interact with professional’s in the field. So if you’re a Sourcer or a Recruiter who also does sourcing, you might find this information very useful. Who knows these insights might just speed up your recruiting process [...]

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5 Campus Recruiting Myths Debunked


Students in their final year of graduation and the ones pursuing their graduation tend to blindly follow their peers without questioning the views expressed by fellow students about campus recruiting. These individuals generally take rumours to be true without questioning; hence they miss out on opportunities that they would have applied for if they haven’t fallen victims to these wide spread misconceptions floating about. Many a times we as recruiter’s too follow misconceptions without realising it and at times we are unaware of the myths floating around amongst our potential recruits about campus recruiting. Both these aspects have a bearing on [...]

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Effective Online Branding Tips


Most individuals spend much of their time on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Therefore online platforms are now more effective ways to get noticed and build your brand name.  Getting noticed is easier now thanks to social media because majority of the people are active on these sites. A company’s presence on these platforms is crucial as it determines the success or failure of the company.  Even though branding is easier it does require management because negative views expressed on Social Media directly affect the branding. Here are some tips that are sure to boost the company’s branding. [...]

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