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5 Twitter Products That Will Boost Talent Sourcing


In the field of Talent Acquisition you can never have enough of Social Media products because the products are designed mainly to assist users and improve their experience. In view of this, Social networking sites are constantly developing new tools, add-ons and plug-ins for its users. If monitoring activity seems like an impossible task then you’ll be glad to know that there are tools that can simplify your task.Well here is another set of 5 Twitter products that will boost Talent Sourcing. Twitter lists This feature of Twitter is a very handy tool especially if you want to gather information about your connections. Apart from receiving [...]

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5 Ways to Win More Applicants


There are several aspects to consider where attracting the right Candidates is concerned especially since the advent of Social Media. We know for sure that recruiting the right fit isn’t as easy as it is made out to be. And to a large extent we know how important your individual online profile is. But how about the Company website and it’s branding? What role do these aspects play in the Recruiting field? Can these aspects have any relevance what so ever? To answer these questions you first need to find out what are the aspects a potential applicant looks for when [...]

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5 Reasons why your Tweets are not Read


Twitting once fun is now also a race against time to achieve maximum visibility, but by the time your Tweet is in the public eye your efforts would have gone unnoticed. This is because there are about 300 million monthly active users on Twitter and counting all competing to get their tweets visible. Any Tweets posted by this time would be lost along with the rest. In order to ensure that your Tweets are viewed in the public eye you first need to identify few of the 5 reasons why your Tweets are not Read.I’m sure that you’re probably doing at least one [...]

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