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9 Stages of Proactive Recruitment


As Recruiters we are familiar with the stages of Proactive Recruitment and as far as possible we try and make sure that all the stages have been covered. But if you’re a Recruiter in the process of making an exceptional hire then be sure to follow all the Proactive Recruitment stages. Although I’m sure you’ve probably covered all the Proactive Recruitment stages but it never hurts to be completely and absolutely sure.   In this regard let’s find out if we have considered all the, “9 Stages of Proactive Recruitment” for Talent Sourcing so here goes… Applicants Interaction Screening Stage Many times [...]

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3 Tips to Recruit Passive Candidates


Recruiting has never been a simple task requiring the least amount of effort as some might assume. The task calls for one to be on their feet at all times to develop connections that can be used to meet hiring needs. While recruiting active candidates is easier, recruiting passive ones poses a challenge since connecting with them is difficult. Establishing contact is the very first step as far as recruiting goes. With that said the next step is to get in touch with them. This is required to find out important details like – if they are seeking a job and [...]

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