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Difference between Headhunters & Recruiters


When it comes to searching for candidates to fill in a vacant position the first thought that crosses an employer’s mind is to employ either headhunters or recruiters to achieve this objective.  Although these terms are generally used interchangeably, one can’t help but wonder about them hence the main question that keeps cropping up is whether or not there is any “Difference between Headhunters & Recruiters?” In general conversation or while socialising these terms are use quite often interchangeably in a room filled with , but there is a difference so using these terms loosely may not be right. Put simply this [...]

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Browser Page Monitoring Tools you aren’t aware off!


Have you ever missed an opportunity to buy something that is exclusive and limited simply because you weren’t aware of its release. Or come across a website that didn’t have an RSS feed.  Have you at times wondered whether there was a better way to be alerted of the things you’d like to get your hands on? Well you’ll be surprised to learn that there is a way you can receive all your alerts in time so you never have to miss out on the release of the products you’d like to have and view the information you’re waiting to learn [...]

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Benefits of having Complete and Updated Online Profiles


Gone are the days when people got employed via traditional recruiting methods. The current trend that is followed in the Recruitment field requires one to have an updated profile at all times, if one wishes to reap the benefits of the same. Having an Online profile enables personal branding that speeds up the process of landing a job; it’s just an example of the various benefits of having complete and updated online profiles. Members count Based on which channel you have an account with, makes a big difference. For instance LinkedIn has a user base of over 225 members and there’s [...]

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