How to Find Great Employees without being a Great Interviewer?

A recruiter’s job is just as tedious as an interviewee’s, because scouting for candidates isn’t as easy as people make it out to be. So it is essential for companies to have good recruiters with the desired knowledge and skills. It is a job that calls for a lot of dedication and time on the […]

How to create winning Sourcing Strategies?

The emergence of the Internet has replaced the traditional way of Recruiting & Sourcing that most Talent Acquisition Professionals have been using. With the internet the Recruiting field has been constantly evolving to accommodate the changing trends.  As a result of the internet connecting with individuals and sharing information has become simple. With that being […]

How to be the Best and Recruit the Best?

As a Recruiter you are in charge because you have access to huge pools of talent to choose from and you are the sole person who can connect the candidate with the organisation effectively. If you’re looking to be the best at what you do and are wondering how is that possible then you’ve come […]

Handy Sourcing Tools for Recruiters

When it comes to sourcing for candidate’s recruiters have the toughest time catching those hard to get candidates and would really do with a hand. Well as an answer to their requirements; recruiters can avail the benefit of sourcing tools available for this very purpose. But how do you decide which tool to choose that […]