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Secrets to Hiring Great People


The Recruiting field has been around for quite some time, it has evolved and is constantly developing in order to accommodate the changing times. As a result of this even recruiters have to adapt to these changing times if they wish to improve their performance. If you’re a recruiter seeking to improve the quality of the hires, and have exhausted all your resources then you might find the “Secrets to Hiring Great People” quite informative as this will give you insights into making good recruitment decisions. So let’s find out more about these insights that can boost the quality of hires altogether. Mention [...]

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Must have Twitter Analytic Tools for Employer Branding


The current trend in the recruiting industry is Social Media recruiting and if recruiters are to be up to date with the latest happenings in the industry one needs to have the right analytics to monitor the activity on popular sites like Twitter etc. If you’re a Recruiter or Sourcer you need to be updated with the current Sourcing News & Knowledge and to have the right Analytic tools for Twitter to monitor your activity and engagement. Having the right Analytic tools for Twitter is essential so that you get the insights that you wish to gather in order to make any modifications if required and to [...]

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More Tips to Recruiting Passive Candidates


The recruiting field has evolved to accommodate the changing times. But what do you do if the individuals that are active on social networking sites don’t meet your requirements. Well the alternative to that is to recruit passive candidates. You are probably wondering the same thing as I am i.e. how do you recruit individuals that aren’t active users of social media; one of the best ways to locate and get introduced to candidates of calibre. In the light of this need and the trend followed by recruiters when selecting candidates here’s something that might come in handy for your recruiting [...]

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More Candidate Sourcing Tools you aren’t aware of!


Your probably wondering why another article on sourcing tools? Well I won’t lie to you but sometimes there are other tools that might be of help to others when everything they’ve come up with isn’t working. Besides having more knowledge doesn’t hurt because sometimes these other tools might actually be what you’re looking for and you haven’t heard of them else you’d probably picked these instead of the ones that have already been mentioned. For recruiters hoping to land with the perfect tool that meets all their recruiting needs here are some, “More Candidate Sourcing Tools you aren’t aware of!” that might be [...]

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