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A Guide to Visuals for Social Media


With everything going online, companies are competing with each other on another level. Considering the latest trends in recruiting due to social media, ones branding efforts too will be done accordingly. If branding is done using online channels, it is important to know how visuals need to be created for Social Media, especially since it is going to have a lasting effect on your audience. In an attempt at assisting individuals here is a guide to visuals for social media that you might not be utilising in your branding efforts. Importance of visual content If you’re of the opinion that you’re [...]

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5 Ways to Recruit Top Talent


With the internet; recruiting has moved on to the online platform where Social Media is utilised on a large scale to seek out talented candidates. As a start – up organisation then effective branding is essential, in order to recruit top talent. For a start – up; recruiting top talent is absolutely essential, if a business is to be successful. With that being said here are 5 ways to recruit top talent that can definitely assist you in your search for talent. Focus more on Networking rather than Headhunting Almost 40 % of the recruits in small, mid – sized or [...]

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5 Significant Ways to Recruiting Effectively


Attracting the right candidates and seeking out the most wanted candidates the organisations are hunting for, can be time consuming. If one is to meet their hiring percentage, it’s obvious that they have to speed up the process. Meaning that Recruiters and Sourcers need to move faster, so what are the 5 significant ways to recruiting effectively. This is the question that comes to the fore and here’s how you can achieve this, so let’s begin with the basics as these aspects are more vital for the success of Sourcing. Sell yourself effectively Most organisation whether start – ups, small, mid [...]

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4 Benefits of Being the First on Social Media Platforms


With so many social media channels cropping up; we are yet again faced with an old challenge, whether it is worth putting in the effort of building an online presence and deal with its maintenance? More importantly how to leverage the opportunity of being the first on start-up Social Medias until your competitors catch up to you? 3 very important questions to consider for every business deciding to leverage Social Media channels for branding purposes, especially if it’s a start-up of any size. The answers to these questions might very well be the key to unlocking new avenues for your marketing [...]

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