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What is a Performance Based Job Description and Interview?


The availability of the internet has not only given us easy access to huge pools of talent but also simplified a Recruiters or Sourcers task to a great extent. With a huge database of members available to us through Social Media, it becomes essential to create effective job descriptions and Interviews. In order to attract the right candidates, one need’s to have solid job specs and interviews, which aren’t easy to come by. Therefore implementing performance-based job descriptions and interviews in your recruiting and sourcing strategy is a must. But the real question that needs answering is what is a performance-based [...]

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Tips to Create Perfect Posts on Instagram


The popular Social media has just been stepped up to a whole new level and now has become the common platform for most recruiters and sourcers alike. Therefore it is essential for potential candidates to have profiles that are up to date and are active as well. So if you want to create an activity with pics then the app Instagram would be the best choice for all your image needs. In view of the present needs here are some, “Tips to Create Perfect Posts on Instagram.” Editing Images When you have selected the image that you’d like to display but only [...]

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