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5 Social Media Updates Recruiters should be aware of

In an environment which is ever changing, keeping track of the changes to your favourite Social Channelscan be quite a task.Following the same methods might result in you missing out on the way things are done with these new features. And everyone who is into social media Recruitmentknows how crucial these updates are.Therefore if you wish to upgrade yourself then enrolling for a Recruitment Certification Program is one way and here’s another way to getyou started in updating yourself to the latest changes to popular social media channels. Let’s begin with the,“5 Social Media Updates Recruiters should be aware of for Talent Sourcing!”
Facebook now adds messaging options for pages
Are you familiar with the age old pages feature of Facebook? Well they have just kicked the page feature up a notch to better personalise the customer experience. The page admins can avail the benefit of ‘direct messaging’ via ‘awareness ads’ and the ability to respond via ‘private messaging’ to a page post. Besides these features there are also ‘Page Responsiveness badges’ that highlight pages which respond to queries quickly. In addition to this they have also introduced the ‘saved responses’feature which enables you to use saved messages to respond to similar customer queries faster. These features have all been designed to build strong connections with customers and send a personalised message which isthe trend that is picking up these days with Talent Sourcing.
Now get you’re images to fit the frame of Instagram easily
No more cropping your Kodak moments to fit it into your frame and ruin your creativity in the process. Your worries have been resolved; you don’t need to do that anymore as Instagram now has ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’ wise frames. All to fit that perfect work of art anyway you want and get that the popular hashtag(#) scenario implemented. If you’re looking for those responsive hashtags to go with your Instagram posts, then find out which are the trending ones by using ICONOSQUARE and watch your views soar.Not on ICONOSQUARE yet? Get it fast, to view analytics of the trending hashtags to know the status of activity in your Instagram account.
You’re Tweets just got exciting
Did you know that a harmless tweet can make a big difference? If you didn’t already know this then you’ll be surprised to learn that these harmless tweets have now found their way in your Google search in both formats, desktop and mobile. So if you’re looking for recent tweets or a twitter profile, it’s now visible when you do a Google search. However doesn’t this affect employer branding be it positive or negative tweet?Did you know that you can even ‘mute’ tweets you don’t want to view in your profile? Well now you can by right clicking on the tweet you’d like to stop viewing. You can even use this mute button to stop viewing followers you’d not want to view instead of unfollowing them. If this was an interesting read then you’d like to know more about Twitter’s new features, to get sourcing training and gain many more tips like these you can visit SourcePRO.
Your Google Hangouts just got a whole new lookand space
One of the many features of a Google account and a popular one at that is its Hangout feature which we’ve grown accustomed too.Those of us who use Google Hangouts as widely as we do will surely want to know if there are any updates to this amazing feature. The Google Hangouts just got interesting. You can now not only set a video call but make phone calls and even chat away with your contacts about updates to events or invites or Recruitment Training via message. Great isn’t it?
Snapchat another user friendly application like Whatsapp Chat gets a mobile update
The next popular application that has almost the same wide database of usersnow has a new look. All that effortto make it user friendly and in keeping with the current trends how great is that?Prior to this user’s had to tap and keep their finger on the screen to view it. Snapchat now comes with a ‘Tap to view’ format, making it easy to access even on a Smart phone, as we all know these shiny new toys of technology are going viral in the market.
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